Windsor Races

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The old equestrian sport of horseracing is one of many faces and facets. It is endowed with a rich, long history and has survived in pretty much the same way since it first became a popular form of entertainment in the 18th and 19th centuries. While there are many ways in which people enjoy horseracing, those looking to touch on the rich heritage which is so much a part of it couldn’t do better that wend their wagering way to the course where all Royal Windsor Races take place.

Free Racing Tips Any with either an interest in the history of the United Kingdom or the history of the sport itself will certainly know of the Windsor Races.

This historic course has been going at its current location on the banks of the Thames River since 1866, although racing was a popular sport in the area before the date of the first recorded events.

Due to its association with the many Royals and figures of political influence who have been located close or, in the case of the Royalty, right next to the track, it has an illustrious heritage of being the favoured course for some of the most celebrated and colourful figures of British history.

The 21st century racegoer will find their desire to touch on the fringes of aristocratic heritage amply fed at the current course.

It retains many original Victorian features, such as in the area of the Grandstand, and boasts a spectacular view of the legendary local castle, a feature of the landscape which is inseparable from the past of the course and remains responsible for the track being one of the few where you’re still going to find many famous and fashionable folk in the best hats and tails.

As an student of history of the British monarchy will know, the crown has taken great pride in not being too exclusionary and, as a result, Windsor Races are equally known for being the ‘People’s Course’, a factor which somehow increases its lustre. If your needs and expectations of a day at Windsor Races are anything more than venturing to the parade ring to assay the state of the favourites before placing a bet with the bookmaker offering the best odds, then you’d be wise to enquire about the many packages which are on offer. There is something for everyone.

Those who want to experience the class and style which is associated with this special, unique course which extends over 165 acres, will almost certainly opt for one of badges or all-inclusive packages which affords access to the Club Enclosure.

Just make sure you wear your best outfit, since there is strict dress-code for the Club Enclosure and the Castle and Club Restaurants.

Of course, if you have you’re finest hat or tailored jacket on, you can partake of some superlative pleasures. Both restaurants offers sterling fine dining menus, as well as a rather beautiful environment in which take time out from the hum and bustle of the grandstands and savour cuisine fit for a King or Queen.
Windsor Races, inside rail

On the other hand, those looking to experience racing at its most traditional, need not venture to their tailor in order to get the most from the course. Grandstand and Silver Ring enclosures require no formal dress, and can be enjoyed in the age-old manner of the hustle and bustle of a busy, betting track. And there are also a wealth of lovely places to grab a bite, not to forget the availability of Totes and Bookmakers, which, you can rest assured, are to be found everywhere.

Guests of the hospitality suites, which are an ever desirable option for those who want privacy and exclusive luxury, can choose between Racecourse Viewing Suites and Parade Ring Viewing Suites. To make the most of the inviting suites, you might want to take one of the flexible packages which ensure that you and your valued guests have everything at their disposal, and it also means that you can have the suite furnished to you specifications.

Windsor Races, winner Pimms and Champagne sophistication abounds on every raceday, perhaps more so than at any course in the world.

It matters little whether you’re waving your winning ticket at the bookmaker or in an executive suite, there is a sense that you’re participating in an occasion which transcends the limits of contemporary society and evinces timeless grace and elegance. It is even possible to enlist the award-winning hospitality staff to oversee the details of your important social event, perhaps punctuating the rare occasion by arriving or departing on the River Thames, which can be easily arranged.

It’s not hard to imagine such an illustrious course boasting exceptional banqueting and conferencing facilities.

From the Castle and Royal Suite Meeting and Conference venues, which can each accommodate up to 300 persons, to the more intimate proportions of the Paddock Pavilion, which is ideal for groups of around 40 delegates; there is space of luxury and amenity for all types of gathering. Additionally, there is magnificent free-flowing greenery of the Riverbank Pavilion, which is one of the country’s most wondrous open areas and is used for anything from BBQs and Fun Days to specially tailored events. The Riverbank Pavilion can accommodate around 5,000 people and boasts a marvellous view of the Castle. Be it a product launch, a gathering of the rich and famous, a small meeting, a conference or simply an event which is circumscribed by fun and good living, Windsor Races will make sure it will be an occasion which lives up the reputation for which the hospitality team has become known.